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Interesting topic. Back in law school I worked for something called the NASA/Hastings Research Project, which looked into setting up the sort of public/private partnerships we see today in space exploration.

So the police state has done such a great job of spreading harmony and cooperation in the inner cities, that we want to expand it to outer space? Sorry, but if we DO exercise some form of sovereignty in space it had better be something close to the traditional American form with a sheriff and posse comitatus. Frankly, we would see a lot more cooperation here on Earth if we returned to that model, starting with Chicago.

But Johnson explained that we would really only need some type of police force if countries decided to sovereign in space — which is currently prohibited under Article II of the treaty. The boundaries of international law have a limit and “we haven’t developed there as a civilization,” Johnson told The Post. Space has no governor, so it can’t be governed.

Source: Do we need to establish a police force in space? | New York Post