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Fire at will:


This is a solemn day of mourning, and remembrance of those brave souls who fought and died in service of our country.

It is also a day to joyfully celebrate their legacy, enriched by their spent blood.

What is legacy? To many it means only money, but an increasing number of Americans realize the most important legacy is family values and history.

The 1.3 million deceased Americans we honor today left a legacy of patriotism, of American values. One of those distinctly American values is the right to bear arms and American veterans, dead or alive, tend rather strongly to transmit a firearm legacy of some sort — either through their daily lives, or an estate plan, or both.

While we honor and remember those who died, we’d rather they didn’t. American veterans (for the most part) understand peace is only through strength whether overseas or on the street.

So how about dedicating YOUR family to a mission of carrying on a Firearm Legacy of some sort?

What I’m selling today (and every day, for years actually) is simply this: Attend my free training, at absolutely no cost or obligation. And invite your friends, family, neighbors, etc.