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As Europeans rush to arm themselves with…whatever they can, their leaders are trying to cram more gun control down their throats. Bans on semi-autos including AR’s and AK’s…bans on magazines over 10 rounds…where do they get these crazy ideas? Good news is that the legislative process over there is slow and most of these bozos will no longer be in power a few months from now.

the Commission regrets that some parts of the original proposal were not supported by the Parliament and the Council. The Commission had proposed a greater level of ambition with a complete ban of the most dangerous semi-automatic firearms, including all semi-automatic firearms of the AK47 or AR15 families and a ban of assault weapons for private collectors. The Commission also regrets that the magazine size was not limited to 10 rounds for all semi-automatic firearms.

Source: NRA-ILA | European Parliament and Council Reach Agreement on EU Firearms Directive