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Fire at will:

An FBI memo sent shortly after the Covenant School shooting urged police not to release the Nashville shooter manifesto to the public.

Reasons given: future mass attackers would learn and copy methods; such “legacy tokens” are often misleading and not useful information for the public, and tend to “permeate the false narrative that the majority of attackers are mentally ill” (what planet is this FBI office on?); access to these “legacy tokens” will facilitate false narratives and for personal gain self-professed “experts” may confuse or inflame the public.

Now THIS comes out documenting that the shooter (Audrey Hale) was a 22-year mental patient and expressed not only suicidal but homicidal ideation, including even shooting-up-a-school ideation!

My natural inclination is to be biased in favor of law enforcement, but a lifetime of experience has taught me that much of what they say is ignorant or worse.

They are often not the experts they pretend to be, and they often seek only to protect and serve their own interests. That applies from Deep State, FBI, all the way down to your local PD.

I never did agree with the nonsense about not spreading the names of these shooters. (There was initially so much misinformation about the gender of Audrey, the transgender aspect was hidden from the public.)  The public needs to know everything about these shooters so the public can defend itself as clearly law enforcement is unable and/or unwilling to do so.