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Fire at will:

I hope my fellow conservatives come together in support of Mr Trump this week in Cleveland.

I know a few smoldering piles of #NeverTrump remain but they need to give up their quixotic quest for a purely conservative mandate.

First, Mr Trump may be more conservative than the #NeverTrump folks, at least on trade. This country was built on protectionist policies — a mainstay of conservative politics until recently — and the idea that protectionism caused the Great Depression is mere propaganda that has been thoroughly debunked (though of course it is still taught).

Second, this race was over the minute Trump entered. He could finance his own campaign if he wanted. He could have run as a third party then, and he still could now.

Third, the Rules Committee has recognized the inevitability of Mr Trump so nothing can stop him now.

Fourth, and most importantly, if we ever had a chance to have a more conservative candidate (and there are a lot of good options out there who recognize the critical importance of the family and would actually take a stand against evils like same sex marriage and coed bathrooms), conservatives BLEW IT when they coalesced behind a candidate who was demonstrably ineligible for the office under the Constitution. Polls indicated that one-third of conservatives thought eligibility was an important issue. DON’T do that again, conservatives.

The Convention will nominate Trump this week, but the grassroots must unite and must do so with enthusiasm and there is much to be enthused about despite the lack of perfection and Mr Trump is not to be blamed for that. Look in the mirror, folks.