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For many families, a large portion of the estate rests in a retirement plan which, on its own and without further planning, is essentially a separate estate plan with assets left completely unprotected. How do you protect and preserve the inheritance of retirement assets?

We’ll focus on this topic at our Family Protection Clinic (aka estate planning seminar) lunch meeting on Tuesday, January 23, 2018. (If you miss the cutoff, we’ll focus again on this topic on April 10, 2018. Our weekly seminar revolves through about a dozen focus topics, then opens up to general discussion.)

In addition to getting a valuable voucher for free handgun training at the world’s largest shooting school (details here) and satisfying the prereq for our free California concealed carry class (details here), you’ll be able to discuss the following issues with friends, family, and neighbors:

  • What is a Qualified Retirement Plan (QRP)?
  • What are the features of a QRP during life?
  • What happens to a QRP after death?
  • What is a Rollover IRA?
  • What is an Inherited IRA?
  • How does an Inherited IRA differ from a QRP?
  • What types of QRP might not convert to an Inherited IRA?
  • What is “stretchout”? is it automatic?
  • Might your beneficiary spend all the money without realizing it is taxable, then face a disastrous tax liability?
  • Is there a WAY to avoid loss of an Inherited IRA? (888-WAY-WILL)

So come visit our Family Protection Clinic(s) and gain expertise on these and other estate planning issues, and gun handling too!