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You’ve heard a lot about asset protection in recent years — why so much talk about asset protection?

We’ll focus on this topic at our Family Protection Clinic (aka estate planning seminar) lunch meeting on Tuesday, January 30, 2018. (Our weekly seminar revolves through about a dozen focus topics, then opens up to general discussion.)

In addition to getting valuable voucher for free handgun training at the world’s largest shooting school (details here) and satisfying the prereq for our free California concealed carry class (details here), you’ll be able to discuss the following issues with friends, family, and neighbors:

  • What is asset protection — from whom must assets be protected?
  • Who needs asset protection planning more — the wealthy, or those with precious little to pass on?
  • How is health care related to asset protection?
  • How does asset protection planing relate to the “four D’s”: Debt, Divorce, Disability, and Death?
  • What asset protection concerns arise from holding property in joint tenancy?
  • What is meant by “bloodline protection”?
  • What is meant by “spendthrift protection”?
  • Should California trusts give beneficiaries rights of withdrawal? should they have multiple beneficiaries, or at least have a goal of preserving assets for remaindermen?
  • Is protection from creditors even possible in California? how?
  • What about asset protection trusts in other states? offshore?
  • How does bankruptcy affect asset protection planning?
  • How does insolvency affect asset protection planning?
  • Should trust protectors be included to make necessary changes and move the trust to another state for more asset protection?
  • Should decanting be allowed? and by whom, trustee or trust protector? both?
  • How does the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the US Constitution affect asset protection planning?
  • How does the Uniform Voidable Transactions Act (UVTA) affect asset protection planning?
  • Are outright gifts ever a good idea?
  • Is it ever a good idea to allow a child to serve as trustee of the child’s trust?
  • Is it ever necessary to disinherit a child?
  • Are no-contest clauses effective in California?
  • Are there any asset protection concerns with a beneficiary serving as co-trustee?

So come visit our Family Protection Clinic(s) and gain expertise on estate planning and self-defense!