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Here are a few notes from my recent couple of days at Front Sight — private training going over tactical handgun basics in preparation for Advanced Tactical Handgun (leaving for that class today).

Shane is a great instructor (most Front Sight instructors are). In particular, I enjoyed his martial arts background which really helped me better understand some of the tactical drills.

Front Sight Private Training Notes 20180523 and 24 (2 days, Tactical Handgun)

Shane Castro, instructor

Too much trigger – Open firing side fingers within support grip – Follow through – Isometric forward pressure from base of palm can cause muzzle to raise.

Forward pressure should come from web to tang, pull back using top two support fingers. Keep gap on both sides of grip, like support hand crippling firing hand or forcing to hold gun so only trigger finger moves.

ISO v weaver: most competitive shooters transition to weaver for run and gun, only use iso for stationary start. But natural reaction is to shoot iso. So… maybe blend is good, if possible, as students train more. Add squeeze. Weaver is easier to pick up and doesnʼt require upper body strength.

Trigger drill with mag

Emergency response close contact (ERCC): Arms length from target (street: anywhere from right up to face to arms length) Thumb up helps keep slide away from garment Hold gun in at count 3 against ribs for both recoil and retention – Ported barrel – beard fire – cant – No blade at ERCC – Lean back to hit taller thoracic – More stability if parallel feet (or close toed if rifle) – wide stance – Scan with knees only not hips not feet. On heels if need to pivot.

ER Palm strike step back (ERPSSB) is for same scenario as ERCC except with ERCC no room to step back even though included for safety reasons to move from target in ATH (but not HCMP)

ERPSSB count 1 starts when support hand starts coming back (if caught up then counterpunch) – Step and present – Controlled pair – Finger straight and ready as step back second time – Quick check – final check – Sul – scan

Draw: blend not 2 and 3 but 1 and 3 so no bowling

With sul canʼt see action so get in habit of checking slide in battery with support thumb.

Walking back donʼt slide feet can trip (curb)

Diagnosis wheel see pic

Emergency reload donʼt finish at ready finish pointed in – decide

Generally donʼt mix shooting and moving unless suppressive fire or ERPSSB – close and accuracy not critical

Response to support side Step/count 1 Pivot toward target Present Same with firing and rear

Firing side Feet perpendicular for balance (support toes toward target) step far enough so can pivot

Rear Always firing foot over support

Support side use distinct step and pivot because asphalt not as forgiving with slide as concrete or gravel

No punch from 4 to 5 causes boing

1911 – Browning lefty – slide stop etc all controlled by left hand

Day 2

Cover – donʼt crowd – flash n ricochet from both your and adversary’s gun – Up to ten degrees – Ricochet is flying razor blade

Crowd cover if adversary elevated

Braced kneeling for accuracy v double kneeling for both stability and mobility

Supine position

Broke back prone

Weaver allows almost 360 shooting range with feet planted, iso range more limited

Shooting on move: Heel toe forwards, Toe heal backward – Lower center gravity use legs as shock absorbers only move lower legs but only while shooting – not going to cover

Brace supported kneeling – first need to go to count 3 before kneeling, otherwise would be muzzling self when drawing – Support leg must be vertical for stability – Firing knee about 45 degrees, too much exposes femoral artery, too little unstable – Most people not flexible enough for laces down so heel to butt more common – If laces down elbow in thigh Heel in butt knee in tricep – No scan until stand.

Rollover prone Start at count 3 (for both burpee or double kneel amethods to get to prone) Donʼt use knee pads in training…wonʼt have on street – for double kneel lean back as going down – faster you go, further shoulders go back

Hands go out equidistant so support not in front of muzzle – Support foot hooks behind firing knee to form tripod freeing diaphragm – If two handed need cant, otherwise one hand with support ball or fingertips platform (Two hand, platform or fist) – After shooting gun flat on side for quick check and final then up to kneeling another quick check and final then stand – quick check final plus scan

Burpee: Count 3 then hands out to 4.5 equidistant to ground then kick back feet eg behind car – cannot lean back because no room for knees to go forward

Transition Slap. Wrap. Slide. Wrap refers to support thumb – Slide refers to firing thumb sliding out as firing hand removed to allow new grip.

Unload at sul