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Fire at will:

  • What is the source of your money?  How was it earned?  How was it accumulated?
  • What is your relationship to the person who earned the money?  How would you characterize the nature of that relationship?  (Close or distant? Loving or cold?)
  • What messages about money did you get when you were growing up?  Were there specific values communicated to you about money and its use?
  • What feelings do you have about the money you possess today?  For example, is there a sense of sacrifice associated with the money? If inherited, do you feel there is a “cold hand from the grave” controlling the money? Is the money in any way tainted?  Is it an expression of love and caring from a parent, spouse or ancestor?
  • What, from your perspective, is the purpose of your money?
  • What values or priorities do you want to keep in mind as we co-create your wealth management and investment plans going forward?
  • As your advisor, how can I be of greatest help in this regard?

Source: How Do Your Clients Really Feel About Money?