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Why did the homeowner let the intruder get close enough to strike him in the head with a crowbar? Whether the crowbar was visible or not, DISTANCE IS YOUR FRIEND. That is the main reason God and Sam Colt gave us guns.

LUCKY he got a shot off.

LUCKY the thigh shot was enough.

Center-of-mass shot BEFORE getting struck in the head would have been vastly more preferable.

He grabbed his gun and confronted the intruder, who police identified as 56-year-old Darrell Bettis. According to police documents, the homeowner pointed his gun at Bettis and told him to “get down on the ground” and “police are on their way.”Police said Bettis charged at the man and struck him with a crowbar. After a struggle, police said the homeowner shot Bettis in the upper right thigh.

Source: Intruder with crowbar shot by homeowner, Pittsburgh police say | WPXI