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The Left went bananas over the so-called travel ban because it was just one more example of a spotlight on the clash between civilizations — Islam and Catholicism. The Left may be insane but they aren’t stupid. They know Islam is a not really a religion as much as it is fundamentally a form of government as Cdl. Raymond Burke has called it. Objectively speaking, Islam is not a religion. Islam wants to govern the world His Eminence says, and he’s spot on.

It is a geopolitical force that has various religious elements to it. It was started by a murderer and it was advanced after his death by a group of his followers who were also murderers. If it is a religion, in any true sense of that term, then it must be said it is a religion that condones murder. Call it like it is. Does that mean every Muslim is a murderer? Of course not. But does it mean that many of the leaders are — and have historically been — in favor of slaughter to get their governmental system advanced? Ask yourself how Catholic North Africa became Muslim North Africa in just a few short years. The answer will be a familiar one — through beheading. It was going on 1,400 years ago and has never really ceased.

Source: Islam Is Not a Religion | The Vortex

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