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[bctt tweet=”…at least two cadets fired at close range toward the terrorist #2A” username=”guntrust”]

These attacks would rarely occur, or at least rarely be newsworthy if more victims were able to carry. Here in the US, we have even disarmed military targets in some of the many target-rich “gun free” zones (a/k/a victim disarmament zones) available to attackers:

Commander of the Officer’s School, Col.Yaniv Aluf, carried out a preliminary investigation of the incident, which appeared to contradict an earlier version of events given by a military trainer, identified only as Eitan, who said that soldiers hesitated to shoot towards the truck, in part [due to the] the manslaughter conviction of IDF soldier Elor Azaria last week.

Aluf’s investigation suggested that at least two cadets fired at close range toward the terrorist.

IDF Spokesman Moti Almoz backed this assertion, saying that it was incorrect to say that soldiers hesitated to shoot, or that the Azaria conviction had some bearing on the incident.

Source: Jerusalem ramming attack: Four killed as truck rams into IDF soldiers – Israel News – Jerusalem Post

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