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Tomorrow is the last day to comment/voice your opposition of the new regulation posted by DOJ to regulate high capacity magazine based on Prop 63/SB1446.

If you haven’t read the regulation, it’s crazy. Their definition as how to modify the high cap to 10rd mag, will render almost all existing 10/30 or 10/20 magazine as illegal high cap mag since the method used to fix the capacity to 10rd does not meet the new regulation.

 Copy from CRPA, please send e-mail to voice your opposition. Recipient list and form letter as below:

Jacqueline Dosch

Melan Noble

OAL Reference Attorney

To whom it may concern,

I am writing in opposition of the proposed emergency regulations by the California Department of Justice concerning “large-capacity magazines.” The laws regulating these devices have been on the books for almost 17 years and the new laws will not be enforceable until July 1, 2017. We, the California public, need ample time to review, comment on, and propose modifications to the proposed regulations. The emergency comment period over the Christmas holiday does not afford most Californians affected by these laws an opportunity to do that. We ask OAL to reject DOJ’s submission and insist that DOJ follow the standard regulation process.

Thank you for your time and consideration.