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  • Melania Trump’s spokeswoman confirms that she’s a Catholic
  • The first lady met with Pope Francis on Wednesday at the Vatican, where he blessed a rosary for her
  • Then she went to a Vatican-affiliated pediatric hospital where she met with children, prayed in a chapel and laid flowers at the feet of a statue of Mary
  • One boy she met, who needed a donor heart, will get his organ transplant, the hospital learned just hours after Melania’s visit
  • It’s unclear when Melania became a Catholic or when she was baptized
  • She and her sister weren’t baptized as infants and didn’t make their First Holy Communion along with other kids their age 
  • Her father was a member of the Communist Party in Slovenia in order to work, and the party was official atheist
  • Melania opened a February presidential rally in Florida by surprising the president with a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer

Source: Melania will be first White House Catholic since Kennedy | Daily Mail Online

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