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The City of Morro Bay has, by a unanimous 5-0 vote of its City Council, enacted Ordinance No. 644, mandating firearm storage effective next week starting October 28, 2021.

The new law provides, in pertinent part:

No person shall keep a firearm within a residence unless the firearm is:
1. Stored in a locked container or disabled with a trigger lock; or
2. Carried on the person of the owner, or other lawfully authorized user of the firearm; or
3. Within close enough proximity and control that the owner, or other lawfully authorized user of
the firearm, can readily retrieve and use the firearm as if carried on that person

Our police chief was not in favor of this law, but the communist insurrectionists on our City Council went ahead with it anyway, unanimously. Every. Single. One. Apparently, they feel a Ninth Circuit opinion upholding San Francisco’s similar law is enough to make it constitutional. But the Ninth Circus is the most overruled in the nation, and this law is squarely against DC v Heller. Heller was based on the right of self-defense which was infringed by DC’s mandate that firearms in the home be disassembled. Forcing Morroans to lock up their weapons is essentially the same exact infringement. It adds to the time they will need to adequately defend themselves, more time than they can plan on having. Self-defense is why we have firearms, and this new law gets in the way.

At least they added prong 3 at the suggestion of the police chief, which softens this law compared to San Francisco’s law. But what exactly is “close enough proximity and control” and “readily retrieve”? Do they apply if you are sleeping? Are Morroans really going to follow this law? Will the law encourage use of a nightstand instead of a more hidden location, thus making it easier for a burglar to find the gun? Will this law end up helping criminals, like so many other laws enacted by the mob?

There is no need for this law. The state already has a law on storage. Nationwide, accidents involving children have plummeted, now extremely rare due to increased training, including training of kids so they can be safe around guns no matter where they might encounter them.

What could possibly possess the Council, against the recommendation of its own police chief, to unanimously codify this oppression at a time when home invasions are on the rise and murder rates are skyrocketing?

This is only the beginning of a planned train of abuses against gun owners in Morro Bay. Proposed measures range from buffoonish gun “buybacks” to mandatory insurance to restrictions on where you can carry — you may be banned from parks and public buildings even if you have a valid CCW. Despite a survey by MBPD showing that no other cities in San Luis Obispo County have enacted such gun control, Morro Bay seems determined to stand alone in this county as the vulcan epicenter of oozing Red Menace. All designed to discourage you from owning guns, to make America safe for criminals public and private.

To imagine America without guns, just take a look at the recent shockingly horrific videos coming out of Australia.

As the saying goes, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. That’s the best we can expect, even of the good kind of police we enjoy now. If you have the training to respond to a threat in seconds, it makes absolutely no sense to add seconds you don’t have by locking up your firearms, especially if you train your kids to be safe around firearms. Batteries dead? You’re dead. Difficult under stress to remember combo or to find or fumble with keys? You added not seconds, but an eternity. Maybe you know the combo. Maybe you train regularly so are less likely to experience degrading panic. What about family members who don’t train as much as you do, but train enough to safely and effectively defend themselves? Will they get through the barriers? Every family faces a different set of circumstances and risks, and must be allowed autonomy in decisions regarding safety.

From magazine capacity limits to victim disarmament zones, training exposes the sophistry of the gun control proponents.

Time to start training your neighbors.