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We may be seeing California’s future in Ukraine’s dystopian present.

Normally I like the Washington Times, but this horrible article seems to take the globalist neocon view that Ukrainian militias are Nazi, and that is just not true. A balanced article would have mentioned Praviy Sektor (Right Sector) which urged a Swiss-type neutrality for Ukraine and a strong right to bear arms, not exactly Nazi positions. Instead, the article only mentions the Azov militia as a precursor to this one, and Azov did have some Nazis.

All of the various militias played an important role in preserving Ukraine after Russia’s invasion, before Ukraine had a chance to organize its military and take over operations fully. (Reminds one of US history.)

Right Sector had it right. My guess is this new group is more like them, and not Nazis as the article portrays.

A citizen militia is the only way to protect against criminals big and small, foreign and domestic. The solution is the same whether you are fighting “oligarchs” or “deep state” or the neocons that support both.

Today, ordinary Ukrainians have witnessed a decline in security and public safety as the legal system fails to deal with criminals.

In March, more than 38,000 crimes were committed in Ukraine, but police are investigating only about 13,000 of them, said the country’s prosecutor general.

National Militia members say they patrol the streets to make people feel safer by fighting drug dealers and illegal gambling rings.

The government insists it doesn’t welcome their help.

“No paramilitary units should enforce justice in Ukraine,” Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said in a statement this year. “Only the government has the monopoly to use force.”

Source: National Militia compounds problems for Ukraine with Russia fight – Washington Times