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Fire at will:

Just a few notes from my recent private training at Front Sight last weekend, February 18th and 19th. I had hoped to DG and then aggressively plunge into my first foray in the tactical arena, but due to my feeling a bit under the weather, plus the actual weather (SoakCal was a lot more under it), I skipped the skills test and soaked in what I could of tactical handgun concepts. (New meaning to the phrase dry practice: in an attempt to stay out of the rain, we practiced most of these concepts dry under shelter, at least the first day.) Here goes:

  • “SUL” position
    • butterfly hands together, muzzle down between feet, thumbs touching (aha: Front Sight’s teaching of thumbs high begins to make sense), support hand knuckles should align with slide as muzzle points downward
  • Tactical Reload from Sul
    • perform on knee to keep muzzle pointed down
    • only use new (simple) method for tac reload
    • can also be performed high near waist but must reverse weapon to keep pointed straight down
  • One-handed shooting
    • more movement, malfunctions more likely
    • use if injured or carrying someone
    • very important to kep support hand in and fist clenched
    • Weapon transfer: slap, wrap & slide
  • Brace-supported kneeling (25 yards)
    • (i did better standing at 25 yards)
  • Prone w/stacked hands (50 yards)
    • can modulate height with support hand
    • pulling my left foot up worked better than right foot-made it easier to get head down low enough to achieve sight picture
  • Close Contact Emergency Response
    • close quarters (eg, ATM)
    • does not work well with external clothing
    • weapon retention an issue: lock in rib cage
    • thumb safety off (1911’s) at Count 3
    • distance is not an option before firing
    • must fire controlled pair from Count 3
    • finger straight, full step back to ready
    • quick check while stepping back (real-life: many steps to cover)
    • after-action drills at safe distance
  • Palm Strike Step Back
    • Palm distracts
    • full step back as palm strikes
    • support hand flips back to Count 1
  • Response to Support Side
    • Step, Pivot, Present
    • no further than Count 1 until Pivot complete
  • Response to Firing Side
    • step a little further and slight cross
  • Response to Rear
    • huge cross step
    • always to support side
  • One-handed malfunction clearance
    • remember support hand position
    • Type I Failure to Fire
      • Tap on knee
      • use ejection port to rack on holster, other friction
        • can also use sights if not plastic
      • 1911’s: watch for safety engaging accidentally
    • Type II Failure to Eject same except look/move
    • Type III Failure to Extract
      • CHECK: trap gun between knees
      • LOCK: thumb presses up slide lock lever while using holster to rack ejection port
      • STRIP: hold mag release down while banging forearm against knee
      • RACKS: 3 good racks using holster against ejection port
        • THEN holster gun backwards
      • INSERT: insert good mag (reverse direction) then SNAP in place
        • possibly TAP on knee if time
      • RACK: using holster against ejection port
      • decide whether to fire
    • Emergency Reload
      • get mag out
      • holster backward
      • release slide
  • Shooting while moving
    • Forward: heel to toe
    • Backward: toe to heel
    • Right handed shooters:
      • right is forward
      • left is backward
    • both arms bent like in traditional weaver

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