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[bctt tweet=”Attn NRA Voting Members, Elect #2A #NRA Board: Willes Lee, Lance Olson, Eric Wright, Rod Unkovic” username=”guntrust”]

Attention: NRA Voting Members

Celebrities do not need your vote. We need NRA Board members who will support fighting the good fight in California before the disease spreads elsewhere.

Specifically, that would be these gentlemen:

  • Willes Lee
  • Lance Olson
  • Eric Wright
  • Rod Unkovic

I often hear from gun owners in other states how terrible California is, but you know what? I see California’s cockeyed plans taking hold in other states, sometimes taken to a whole new level of ridiculousness. And i see gun owners fleeing from the fight, because the grass looks greener right now in other states. Gun owners need to stay in the fight here in California, or the Browning will spread! (Not the Utah type of Browning, but the California howling at the moon type.)