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Sad to see the NRA succumb to bigotry, or playing to bigotry, in the title of this article. “Big Law” would have been more accurate than “Corporate Lawyers” — there is no need to lump all corporate counsel in with this insanity, any more than all teachers or all cops, and I can tell you from my ACCA days that corporate counsel are largely conservative.

The newly formed anti-gun Firearms Accountability Counsel Task Force was featured in a National Public Radio interview with attorney Mike Schissel of Arnold & Porter, one of the big corporate law firms that has joined together with other firms to provide free legal services to anti-gun groups. Mr. Schissel openly bragged about the “collective talent and collective manpower” of his group and that “the brute force of the major law firms in this country” would use “novel and aggressive thinking … to put a full

Source: NRA-ILA | Corporate Lawyers Can’t Tell the Truth about Gun Laws