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NRA tries to find the pony in Peruta, which was a lemon from the start. Fact is, there are very good arguments against making concealed carry a fundamental right in lieu of open carry, which is exactly what Peruta would have us do in California. There are better cases for establishing the right to carry in public. Once the right to open carry is firmly established, Sacramento will rush to pass shall-issue CCW just like Ohio after a similar ruling. Patience.

Whatever the majority’s thinking, the opinions of Justices Thomas and Gorsuch came through with vivid clarity in a sharply worded dissent from the decision to pass over the case. “At issue in this case,” Thomas wrote, “is whether [the Second Amendment] protects the right to carry firearms in public for self-defense.” They called the en banc court’s resolution of this issue “indefensible” and “untenable” and asserted it was “not justified by the terms of the complaint, which called into question the State’s

Source: NRA-ILA | Supreme Court Declines to Take Carry Case, but Gorsuch Casts a Solidly Pro-Gun Vote