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Fire at will:

All of the polls leading up to California’s June 5, 2018, primary consistently overstated support for the de facto pro-choice (no matter what he said on the campaign trail) Travis Allen, and understated support for the pro-life John Cox. Even with the results tweaked toward Allen, and militant Allen support by many in the party establishment, Cox still maintained a commanding lead in the polls.

In fact, the understatement of Cox’s support was so severe it almost equals the ENTIRE support that Allen received!

Here is a snip from RealClearPolitics, linked here:

There is a slight error in the above table as the results currently show Allen got only 9.3%, not 9.7%, per Secretary of State’s website here. The percentage for Allen has been going down as the counting of ballots is completed.

The GOP establishment in California is still a problem, folks — not to be trusted. They will feign support for Cox now because they must, but watch out.