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[bctt tweet=”We just want our voices heard. – Rachel Gunther, CA grassroots Trump leader #MCGA #MAGA” username=”guntrust”]

Right on, Rachel! Her group is doing great things to educate our fellow Californians (including the GOP establishment).

“We’re not being heard right now because the numbers are against us and that’s OK. We know the realities,” said Rachel Gunther, the leader of the newly formed Make California Great Again nonprofit that had its inaugural meeting in a Cambodian community center in Long Beach on Saturday. “We’re not going to change the landscape in one year or two years or even four years. We just want our voices heard. We want to show the political elite that we exist and that we are not happy with some of their legislation and they can’t just ramrod things like that without considering us.”

Source: Pro-Trump Californians hope his victory can fuel a GOP revival in the Golden State – LA Times