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prodigal sonI stole the title of this post from a great Babylon Bee article that just came out.

For those who don’t know, Babylon Bee is satire.

Strangely, their satirical articles often do come true.

And this particular title hews closely enough to family settings often encountered in estate planning that I thought it a good reminder of the importance of asset protection and values-transmission planning.

Couples that come in (or “come on” via Zoom) for estate planning almost always have “Family Protection” as their primary goal. That phrase means different things to different families, but most families regardless of politics want to transmit their values to their kids. “Their values” as in the parents’ values, not the values of some far-left university or woke corporate culture. “Their kids” as in the parents’ kids. Parents want their kids to remain their kids, not woke zombie cultists they cannot relate to.

Wokism is cultural marxism, aimed at destroying the nuclear family by destroying the three pillars of Family Power: Life, Fortune, and Honor. Marxism cannot be fought effectively in the courts or legislatures without first strengthening families.

The way to strengthen families is to use incentive trust language transmitting Life, Fortune, and Honor, to succeeding generations.

You can take back your child’s education with these incentives!

You also want to build your child’s inheritance with asset protection in mind, so that the inheritance is not squandered or lost to creditors and predators.