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The Church plainly states in its catechism that families are where we learn how to function in society. Makes sense (to most people) but the Criminal Left has an interest in destroying families.

“Let’s not muck about with everything that’s worked so far,” he said. The traditional family “worked quite well for the entire duration of mankind and so maybe we mess with it at our peril.”

In his characteristic style, Peterson explained his rationale of supporting the traditional family, saying, “Well maybe boys and girls need role models of each sex. I know that’s a terrible thing to say, but it is possible. It’s certainly the case too that intact two-parent families have children that thrive more than broken families and broken families are a catastrophe for everyone.”

“When you start making the claim that the traditional family unit is just another construct and that it’s not something fundamental to our polity … you have no evidence whatsoever for that claim and there’s plenty of counter evidence,” he added.

Source: Jordan Peterson calls for ‘intact heterosexual two-parent families’ to maintain civilization | News | LifeSite