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This is what government does — it slurps up life in pursuit of its drunken dreams:

Vision Zero is ruining L.A.’s streets, especially in Councilman Mike Bonin’s district. Commutes are doubling, shops are losing business, and Garcetti and Bonin don’t seem to care.They don’t care because this is all part of their plan. They want to force their ideologies onto you, they want to make driving around the city as miserable as possible so you ditch your car and take public transportation.They don’t like you having a nice house with a nice yard and a car.  They want you to live in dense urban areas.Vision Zero is all about control. Who wants that?We’ve focused on the “Road Diets” in Manhattan Beach and Playa Del Rey, but the problem has also made its way into Venice and Mar Vista.

Source: “Road Diets” wreaking havoc in Venice | John and Ken | KFI AM 640