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Black women who once hated guns are embracing them as violence rises. Story here.

Errors in Associated Press, the Washington Post, and the New York Times articles on how rarely concealed carry permit holders stop active shooters. Story here.

A plurality of Americans believe that armed citizens are the best way to protect you and your family in the case of a mass shooting. Story here.

Trained, Armed and Ready. To Teach Kindergarten. Story here.

Death of hospital worker killed by knee to groin ruled a homicide. Story here. (One of my clients is a doctor who came to me while recovering from an attack by a patient.)

How the FBI Undercounts Armed Citizen Responders to Mass Killers—and Media Play Along. Story here.

Asian Americans are buying guns in record numbers. What’s caused this surge? Story here.

Hero Mom Jumps Out Of Shower, Fatally Shoots Home Invader While Dripping Wet To Save Kids. Story here. (Maybe having a stainless steel revolver on a rope with lacquered rounds is not such a crazy idea after all.)

10 Tips for new gun writers, podcasters and YouTubers. Story here.

10 Dead, Many Injured After Mass Stabbings in Saskatchewan. Story here.

Survey: By a 49%-to-37% margin, Americans support armed teachers to stop school shootings, those with children are much more supportive. Story here.

Violence hits ‘epidemic proportions’ in pandemic-era California, study shows. Story here.

Poll: Majority of Americans believe right to ‘keep and bear arms’ is important. Story here.

Media Mostly Silent on 2nd Amendment Repeal Poll Results. Story here.


Liberal, female and minority: America’s new gun owners aren’t who you’d think. Story here.