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Less than two hours after today’s shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, which at this hour has resulted in the deaths of two students, SLO Tribune published this article using the tragedy to pitch useleess gun control that would not have helped at all.

The article brings up a proposed bill for universal background checks, but the shooter here was a kid who obviously obtained the gun illegally. (Also, the SLO Tribune should know we already have universal background checks in California.)

The article also brought up AR-15’s, claiming they’ve become the “go-to weapon in many of the recent United States mass shootings” but according to the FBI rifles kill very few people in this country (see here and here). (An AR-15 was recently used by a NRA instructor to SAVE a church in Texas from a mass shooter.) The kid shooter here used a handgun.

And before SLO Tribune brings up limitations on mag size, take note that the handgun was a .45 — probably a 1911 platform which typically uses magazines holding only seven or eight rounds. And it looks like the shooter only had one magazine.

So the brainwashing continues. The media brings up irrelevant, totally useless gun control they want passed and they fail to point out how the gun control they’ve already passed is killing kids — the gun control that recently banned CCW holders (even teachers) from carrying on campus, for example.

They also fail to point out how almost every mass shooting is by a leftist, or someone on psych drugs, or by a leftist on psych drugs.

Isn’t anyone disturbed to see, after every such shooting, innocent kids marched out with hands raised so they won’t be shot by the same feckless police who disarm any adult that could possibly defend them?