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Fire at will:

California men who undergo transgender surgery (removing male genitals and replacing with something else) double their risk of suicide.

How long will we continue to allow this demonic, macabre nonsense?

Most children confused about what sex they are, grow out of that confusion when they reach adulthood.

Even a left-wing study admits transgender is less than two percent of the American population. Gallup reports it as closer to one percent.

When society goes off the rails like this, it is because families are not transmitting the values necessary for a free society. A trust is the only sure way to transmit these values to your kids, grandkids, and the great grandkids you will never meet.

Maybe you need to disinherit Woke. You can certainly do that, even in California, as long as you avoid stating the reason for the disinheritance. (If you do, a California court will probably rule the disinheritance void as against public policy.)

Or maybe you can avoid the harsh result of disinheritance by including incentive provisions guiding your beneficiaries along a more wholesome path. But this kinder and gentler approach is also likely to violate California public policy. This is not a problem if you include mechanisms in your trust for moving the trust to another state allowing these sort of values to be incentivized. These states typically offer better asset protection, anyway.

How will you find an attorney to help you with this planning? You can call me of course, but can you even find someone else? (Not that you would want to!)

That may prove difficult. Consider that comments I made a few weeks ago on our California WealthCounsel listserv, recommending the incentive approach mentioned above, were actually deleted by the listserv admin apparently upon complaint by some woke WealthCounsel member. I’m certainly not new to being canceled on social media, but this is a listserv for attorneys and it’s disturbing when lawyers cannot even openly discuss how best to serve their clients. I was responding to a longtime colleague who had a client who really didn’t like that her daughter was getting “married” to an older woman, and the client was considering how to dissuade her from proceeding with the same-sex “marriage”. An esteemed colleague chimed in and suggested a clean, simple disinheritance that avoids mentioning the reason (to avoid public policy concerns mentioned above). I recommended a better approach that would likely have avoided complete disinheritance through incentives (or disincentives) persuading daughter to avoid same-sex marriage. But because i specifically proposed helping the client discourage what she saw as immoral, same-sex marriage, WealthCounsel cancelled the discussion.

When people need help in other states, I refer only to my fellow WealthCounsel members — even the woke ones — because they are the best estate planning attorneys.

But apparently, I am the only WealthCounsel member that can (or will) assist you thoroughly to Disinherit Woke in a way that can successfully incentivize values transmission and avoid complete disinheritance.