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Want to stop COVID fast? You have bullets enough.

In this post I’ll expand on a great article with a brilliant title, “The Pandemic of the Unarmed,” by Ian Underwood over at Granite Grok. In that article, prompted by Quebec’s plans to impose a fine on adults who refuse to get vaccinated, ostensibly to compensate for supposed ill consequences of the supposed anti-social behavior, Ian proposes a penalty of $100 on adults who insist on walking around unarmed.

Ian’s proposal would compensate for the increased crime the rest of us suffer due to the refusal of many to arm themselves. Ian ends by saying he wouldn’t require any particular type of gun, or even that the gun be loaded, and closes stating that people could stop carrying once crime is under control, all of which indicate to me he makes the proposal at least slightly in jest. But I think he is onto something, and I would actually go much further.

To start with, let us be clear that the pandemic we must end by being armed and trained, is not one of mere street crime. It is the genocidal, republic-killing pandemic of lawlessness now known as COVID-19. (If you doubt that, just look at how quickly a disarmed Australia fell to COVID tyranny.) This is an artificial pandemic built and sustained with lies and oppressive control. Only a people trained to arms can give their local sheriff the actual ability to act as a constitutional sheriff, defending the people against state or federal agents seeking to disarm the people, prohibit homeschooling, and force “vaccinations” of your kids with experimental gene serum. Arm and train your family if you want your sheriff to enforce fair and lawful, pandemic-ending elections. If your sheriff does not have your backing, your sheriff will have other plans.

Our Founders designed the American republic understanding we have not only a right to bear arms, but also a duty to bear arms. Everyone seems to have forgotten that. Of course, most conservatives are armed; problem is, the vast majority are not trained and do not have a clue what actual training involves. This includes many with a CCW permit, who have some training but not enough to feel comfortable carrying. No one holds politicians to account for failing to train.

Politics and courts will not restore our Republic. Only families can do that.

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