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Fire at will:

Despite all the leftist rhetoric against arming teachers, there has never been a school shooting at a school where armed teachers are allowed to carry a firearm for defense of themselves and students.

This should not be surprising to anyone who follows mass attacks, since mass attackers quite frequently leave evidence that they select venues based on them being easy targets, i.e., victim disarmament zones. For example, the Colorado theater shooter a few years back picked a theater with a sign out front prohibiting firearms, over another local theater which allowed them. Another example would be the recent shooter in Buffalo that wrote his preference for areas with low CCW rates.

Although 32 states now allow armed teachers in public schools (there is generally a bit more latitude with private schools), only Utah and New Hampshire impose no restrictions beyond licensed carry. The vast majority of these states require some approval at the school or district administrative level.

Leftist propaganda about guns causing violence is a very real cause of that violence because it keeps most schools from allowing armed teachers, a solution that really works and is superior to providing armed guards not only because of the infeasible expense, but because the guards are easy, identifiable targets to pick off, whereas armed teachers and staff would be much more difficult to identify.

What kind of school will your children attend? Your grandchildren? Public? Private? Homeschool? Will the teachers be armed? Will guardians be armed? Will you be armed?

Does your trust incentivize training and values transmission?

Only comprehensive estate planning can keep your family safe.