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Fire at will:

So the mass-shooter-of-the-day is today again, as it so often is, a Democrat.

This one, a little more notorious perhaps since he was a Bernie supporter and specifically targeted Republican congressmen. Plus it seems he was a decent shot. And there is no indication, at this early stage, that he was on any psychotropic meds.

This should be a reminder that Marx advocated guns as he saw them necessary for a workers’ revolution (but notice he favors criminal use of guns over gun rights fostering citizen militias):

2. To be able forcefully and threateningly to oppose this party, whose betrayal of the workers will begin with the very first hour of victory, the workers must be armed and organized. The whole proletariat must be armed at once with muskets, rifles, cannon and ammunition, and the revival of the old-style citizens’ militia, directed against the workers, must be opposed. Where the formation of this militia cannot be prevented, the workers must try to organize themselves independently as a proletarian guard, with elected leaders and with their own elected general staff; they must try to place themselves not under the orders of the state authority but of the revolutionary local councils set up by the workers. Where the workers are employed by the state, they must arm and organize themselves into special corps with elected leaders, or as a part of the proletarian guard. Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary. The destruction of the bourgeois democrats’ influence over the workers, and the enforcement of conditions which will compromise the rule of bourgeois democracy, which is for the moment inevitable, and make it as difficult as possible – these are the main points which the proletariat and therefore the League must keep in mind during and after the approaching uprising.

Source: Address of the Central Committee to the Communist League by Marx and Engels

Moreover, I think this shows why Democrats fear guns so much, both because of the violent marxists among them and because even the non-marxists (or those who don’t realize yet they are actually marxists) are mostly atheist and thus ill-equipped to act responsibly in a self-defense situation, and they project this inability upon others.