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The model these ETF’s are based on is located here.

As you can see from the parameters, it is solidly Christian and there is nothing in there that is anti-gun (closest thing to that is aiding oppressive regimes). This is a relief for me because a few years ago i looked at a similar Catholic fund which was very anti-gun.

My only complaint is that gun stocks should be treated as a positive as guns are necessary to maintain family power. I’ve communicated my concern to the firm managing the model. We’ll see.

“Conservative people are not being served by SRI, impact or ESG,” said Inspire President & CEO Robert Netzly, adding that these investment areas have a “strong liberal tilt,” and leave a market untapped in the $13.7 trillion of assets controlled by Evangelical Christians, according to Inspire research.

Source: Two New ETFs for Biblically Responsible Investors Make Their Debut