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Fire at will:

Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s recent SCOTUS pick, has written that our Second Amendment rights, based on self-defense, apply on the street as well as in the home. And thankfully most states are falling in line with that view. But New York is different – you are not even worth your salt there. NYC is the closest knife-wielding criminals will evr get to heaven. To the socialists in charge, such attacks are a price worth paying for gun control — seriously, that is how they attempt to save face amidst face stabbings. (Example: De Blasio here.)

A man has reportedly been injured in a knife attack by multiple people in broad daylight on a busy Manhattan street.

The incident was reported at 1.30pm on Thursday in Greenwich Village.

A 911 caller told police that several suspects were involved during the attack outside 11 W 14th Street.

The suspects reportedly fled in a white Mercedes-Benz with New York license plates.

Source: Manhattan man ‘stabbed by multiple people’ in Greenwich Village | Daily Mail Online

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