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You can tell Brett Kavanaugh’s “virgin defense” is effective — just look how it’s belittled by all the media right now, on the eve of the Senate Judiciary Committee showdown planned for tomorrow.

The fact is, few in the media can relate to or understand Kavanaugh’s ability to remain a virgin throughout high school and for “many years” afterward.

None could predict that the brave personal decisions made by this great man in his youth, maintaining virginity in the early 1980’s (rare even among females), would unravel their plans to bring chaos to this country.

Things just got real for the deranged Left, whose unsubstantiated claims against Kavanaugh are totally inconsistent with his character, and about 300 personal friends attest to that character.

I predict the committee will soon vote to recommend Kavanaugh, and that he will be confirmed. And i think the Dems’ fascistic attempt to maintain SCOTUS as Politburo, or super-legislature, will backfire on them severely, if not in the midterms then in 2020.

Kavanaugh’s virginity may have saved this republic.

What about YOUR family?