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WealthCounsel, LLC, is the country’s premier community of estate planning attorneys. Over 2500 attorneys at over one thousand law firms across the country are members of WealthCounsel.  As a group, WealthCounsel attorneys are considered to be thought leaders in the industry.

WealthCounsel provides its members a collegial platform for the collaborative exchange of expertise. According to Lew Dymond, a WealthCounsel principal and former CEO, “Membership in WealthCounsel represents a commitment to a client-centric approach to estate planning founded on principles of competence, collaboration, and a meaningful sense of professional community.”

As a member of WealthCounsel, David R. Duringer (Protective Law Corporation), has access to the knowledge, expertise and assistance of estate planning attorneys from virtually every specialty and jurisdiction. This available knowledge base helps ensure that we are on the cutting edge of tax and estate planning, which in turn, benefits our clients by enabling us to provide them with the most up-to-date planning tools available.