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Please welcome new Ambassador Ron Gonzales and congratulate him on participating in our dry practice.

As you can see from the video of Ron performing emergency reload, Ron did really great with just a little bit of training, and we look forward to having him back for more.

Ron is a trusted local Goosehead Insurance agency owner. From his website:

Ron Gonzales is the owner of a branch of Goosehead Insurance located in the beautiful Orange County area. Ron and the Goosehead team help their customers find the best possible options at the best price by searching over 20+ top A rated companies. Ron and his team are dedicated and passionate about finding solutions for all of their customer’s insurance needs.

Ron spent the last 10 years having the honor and trust of many small business owners with their start up, taxes, accounting, IRS auditing, and retirement/exit plan strategies. During this time, he successfully helped over 20 customers before the IRS obtain “No Change” Audit Closing Letters, and has helped many of these clients find solutions to keep their businesses running profitably.

Ron brings with him a strong understanding of the importance of finding positive and reasonable solutions for the needs of his customers. The goal of his Goosehead agency is to provide real value and help educate customers on the coverages and policies that they truly need. Ron has been a life long resident of Orange County and loves helping people find solutions to their insurance needs. Most of all, he enjoys helping his clients and their families be protected and informed. Working with Ron and his Goosehead agency means that you will have a dependable and trustworthy agent with the highest of integrity who will always put you and your family’s best interests first before anything else.