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  1. What do you hope for in your or your loved ones’ stages of frailty (older age or illness)?
  2. What do you hope for your family as a whole during these times?
  3. What are some fears and worries about aging (your own or when your parents, aunts/uncles, siblings —whomever you’re planning for — age?)
  4. What would be the worst parts of this scenario?
  5. Who will be impacted by caring for this person?
  6. What would the more positive scenarios look like?
  7. What small steps can you take to make the more positive scenarios happen, and to avoid the more negative ones?
  8. Key topics to cover:
    How will expenses be covered? (including daily living expenses, health care, in-home help, housing, etc.)
    How will medical care be accessed and paid for?
    Who will provide home health assistance and how will it be paid for if you need outside help?
    What arrangements can be made so parents maintain as much independence as possible?
    How will parents have a living situation that is safe and where they can access transportation and engaging activities?
    Crucial to healthy aging: How will parents maintain social relationships and activities? How will they be able to get to friends and activities?

Source: When Roles Reverse: Caring for Mom or Dad

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