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Interesting article, especially for those of us drafting trusts with the descendants of King George VI as Rule Against Perpetuities measuring lives.

1. Prince of Wales, Charles

2. The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William

3. Prince George of Cambridge

4. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

5. Prince Harry of Wales

6. Duke of York, Prince Andrew

7. Princess Beatrice of York

8. Princess Eugenie of York

9. Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward

10. James, Viscount Severn, Edward’s son

11. Lady Louise Windsor, Edward’s daughter

12. Anne, Princess Royal

13. Peter Phillips, Anne’s son

14. Savannah Phillips, Anne’s granddaughter

15. Isla Phillips, Anne’s granddaughter

16. Zara Tindall, Anne’s daughter

Source: Who Will Take The Throne After Elizabeth II

The British throne devolves according to British law and custom.

YOUR throne is passed according to YOUR estate plan, if you have one.

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