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Fire at will:

“Have you talked with her at all about taxes and health? I’m know both are hyper sensitive but I wonder if both are better dealt with very early so we control them”

“Hard to think of anything more counter productive than demanding Bernie’s medical records.”

“Stay the course, don’t ride the roller coaster and keep the candidate well rested.”

“I would make it shorter only because it’s a bank of Mics and no podium,”

“She won’t be able to give it in the round like [Bill Clinton] does walking around with microphone… Are we able to set it up so shes speaking at a podium”

“How bad is her head?… “Don’t know… Huma left here about an hour ago. I just pinged again to ask about prep, haven’t heard back.”

“She’s often confused.”

Source: The Top 100 Most Damaging WikiLeaks