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“I have been very aggressive defending her and avoiding any criticism while she was under attack but this is now going very wrong and when I read the NYT story that reconfirms my view, never publicly stated, that some of the people around her—not you but others—are dumber than bird shit when it comes to modern public opinion and modern politics.”

“I could write a column listing one by one the corporate clients of many of Hillary’s closest advisors and many Democrats would puke. I have researched this, and it is appalling, and these are people attuned to making money from whomever writes their checks

“There are some people now working for her who consider her a profit center for their income and not a cause or a mission that they believe in. They almost certainly carry with them an incredible jealousy that Obama has always harbored towards Bill Clinton and a condescending attitude towards Hillary Clinton.

Source: Most Damaging WikiLeaks | Newest Leaks