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Story here. Videos are rather shocking to watch. Granted, the officer did not have much time to react and may have confused the item taken from his belt (which does appear to be a magazine) for something more lethal or perhaps the officer didn’t realize it was from his own belt and was concerned the target may have had a gun to go with it.

But it’s hard to see, just from the videos, why this officer did not simply withdraw to safe distance until backup could arrive and take him down with less lethal means, especially given the risk to bystanders, one of whom was actually grazed with either bullet or glass, inside the store.

Seven shots! (Including one coup de grace at the end.) Watch the videos below and you can see why there are so many stories of cops shooting dozens, even hundreds of rounds without stopping the bad guys, and frequently hitting bystanders.  Think of these seven rounds the next time a politician wants to limit the size of the magazine in your gun. Often a seriously hyped up, dedicated, drugged attacker will require more shots. But seven? This video shows that despite the image of law enforcement being the standard for shooting skills, the level of training really sucks. This target was practically standing still and just a few feet away, yet the cop failed to get a couple of good center-of-mass hits to knock the target down — probably no sight picture at all. Again, at least one bystander was hit.

What a mess. If someone had taken my mag, I’d be a little more careful with ammo.

This is what you get when cops train according to the maxim that if you pull a gun out, you better shoot.  I usually try to see the cop’s perspective, but it’s hard to see a valid one here. This was an execution in the KGB basement — with a little “Stop! Stop!” just before the final bullet.

And a longer video here:

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