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Regular “Carry Lifers” know we much prefer to stick to the useful, the objective, the constructive. Now and again, however, we happen across such outrageous claptrap that comment becomes necessary, mainly because it’s not useful, objective (or corrective, as in this case) and constructive to stay out of the fray.

Take a look here, and you’ll see what we mean. The short version is simply a beatdown of “old people” who want to own a firearm for personal protection. The thesis is as sketchily condescending as it is deeply prejudiced: Such old people—creatures never actually defined, we notice—shouldn’t have firearms because they’re ipso facto too infirm to use them. Beyond some unspecified age, we evidently become rightless un-persons, explicitly doomed to wait on help that may never arrive. We should shut up and take our lumps: lethal, merely injurious or otherwise.

We guess this is what passes for progressive thought, culture and compassion in the universe of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. For actual grown-ups who don’t want to breathe life into such snide assertions through misstep, however, Carry Life has a few suggestions.

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