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Fire at will:

No questions asked, even if you or an associate stole it! (How many can you steal before Saturday?)

Get Anaheim taxpayers to pay for your junk guns!

Maybe a few will end up with deserving cops (or the gang members they sell them to) instead of being “destroyed” — can’t lose them quickly enough, you know.

If you are an estate planning attorney who hates guns and/or does not understand them, hey why not just send your clients to this? Doesn’t matter what they’re worth. They’re EVIL GUNS!

Most of the donated guns were passed down among family members who no longer wanted the weapons, Blackburn said.Police run the gun’s serial number through a database to determine if it has been involved in a crime. So far, none of the collected weapons have been linked to criminal activity, the sergeant said.The firearms are melted down or pulverized.

Source: Anaheim police to buy back guns Saturday to get weapons off the streets – The Orange County Register

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