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While we grieve for the lives lost in Baton Rouge today, let us remember this happy story from 2005 and that while black lives matter, blue lives matter, all lives matter, what especially matters is the right of the people to bear arms:

On Friday, Feb. 17, 2005, a CCW holder armed with a .45 caliber handgun saved a policeman’s life in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Officer Brian Harrision was escorting a funeral procession when he pulled over 24 year old George Temple II, a local businessman, to write him a ticket for breaking into the procession. That’s when Temple physically attacked Harrison. During the struggle, which went to the ground, Officer Harrison shot Temple once in the abdomen. Police say Perry Stephens, who was wearing a neck brace and using a cane, was walking out of a store when he heard Officer Harrison yelling for help. Harrison was on his back with Temple on top of him. Stephens went to his car and grabbed his .45 caliber pistol. Stephens ordered Harrison’s attacker to stop the attack and get off the officer. The verbal commands were ignored. The armed citizen fired four shots, all of which struck Temple in the torso. With Temple still on top of the officer, Stephens advanced toward the struggle. He again ordered Temple to stop the attack, and get off the officer. Those commands are ignored. Stephens then fired a fifth and final shot into the head of George Temple, turning his brains into mush, and stopping his deadly attack with justified lethal force. No charges have been filed.

Source: Xavier Thoughts: Armed Citizen Saves Cop in Baton Rouge

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