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Increasingly, young adults are choosing permanent sterilization. Your estate plan can punish them for doing so. (Or reward them, whatever.)

Not talking about transgender surgery. Big sterilization issue there obviously, but that was the subject of another recent post.

The study here concerns an increase in sterilization among young people panicking over the Dobbs decision and apparently unable to either abstain from sex or put their heads together to devise more temporary means of sterilization, natural or artificial.

Maybe these kids need to understand that babies are a good thing? According to the CDC, the US birth rate is now at a record low.

Maybe they feel like they can just sterilize themselves and then rent a womb later? They need to understand the exorbitant cost of maternal surrogacy, not merely financial but in terms of human dignity of everyone involved, parents and child. The Vatican has condemned surrogacy as a grave violation of dignity.

The solution to all this may be found in the same values transmission planning discussed as a solution in that recent post on transgender surgery, which in turn was adapted from my proposed solution for discouraging same-sex marriage.

As discussed in that post, it is easy, even in California, to Disinherit Woke the dumb way. You can simply disinherit the kid (or grandkid, etc.) completely as long as you refrain from mentioning the reason why. If you do state a reason having to do with marriage or gender ideology or reproductive rights, a California court is likely to rule that disinheritance void as against public policy. Anything rational is probably against public policy in California, so don’t state a reason. Safest course is a simple, clean disinheritance. In fact the main public policy of California is to disinherit your kids (see Prop 19), so that should work fine.

A smarter way to do handle the situation, as that recent post discussed, is to draft your trust with mechanisms included to facilitate moving the trust to another state more friendly toward use of incentives and/or disincentives to transmit the intended values.

The most relevant value being transmitted here is that of Family Maintenance. You can include punitive disincentives, including complete disinheritance, or something less severe, to discourage any beneficiary from undergoing permanent sterilization. You can also include incentives to encourage marriage and make it easier to have lots of kids and for one spouse to stay at home to raise them while necessary, while also helping that homemaker maintain a career or prepare for a new one. You can encourage family recreation and homeschooling, etc. There are many aspects to this type of values transmission.

These incentives can be baked into many types of trusts and subtrusts, from advanced irrevocable dynasty trusts, to a dynastic subtrust under a revocable trust, or more commonly, to lifelong continuing subtrusts for each child which in turn may cascade through generations.

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