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What Practitioners Should Do?

  • There are a number of steps that practitioners should consider taking now, even though all of this is up in the air:
  • Communicate with and inform both current active clients and even inactive clients. It might generate interest and business from those who recall the pressure of 2012 planning.
  • Be certain that planning has multiple purposes and benefits, so that if the estate tax is repealed, the planning still serves a purpose.
  • At minimum, suggest clients divide assets in a manner that will facilitate quicker planning should it be necessary. This should be done in a manner that might mitigate step-transaction concerns if that planning is implemented.
  • Create Gumby-like flexibility. Be certain that the planning, documents and implementation maximize flexibility to keep options open because the future is so uncertain.
  • Consider broad classes of beneficiaries so income and principal can be directed with flexibility in the event the estate tax law pendulum swings right or left.
  • Every new trust should include a decanting power to facilitate decanting to change instruments especially if state law doesn’t have a decanting statute.
  • Use trust protectors to facilitate effecting change to documents especially that are irrevocable.
  • Include swap powers in grantor trusts so that assets can be moved in/out of the trust depending on changes in the law.
  • Include a power for someone to loan the grantor trust assets without adequate security to provide another safety valve.

Source: Pre-Election Estate Tax Proposals: Clinton vs. Trump

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