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Some great info and advice here. Also some worthless psychobabble.

In crafting an estate plan, many clients struggle with sleepless nights caused by wrenching emotional issues pertaining to their relationships with their children, their value systems, their personality issues and the effect of their own personal experience with gifts and inheritances. The history of the client’s own relationship with money and the client’s personal beliefs about money, which psychologists refer to as “money scripts,” shape the way clients consider choices, decisions and consequences related to giving or bequeathing money to heirs.These issues are complicated and not easily resolved. Moving forward on bequest decisions frequently involves a certain amount of uncertainty regarding these decisions, and the inclination is to put the process on hold. Estate-planning practitioners need to understand the prominent themes that generate emotional angst for parents (and other benefactors) when they’re navigating such questions as who, when, why and how much to leave to intended heirs.

Source: Photo Gallery: Seven Psychological Issues for Clients Making Bequests |

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