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What the heck does Assemblyman Kevin McCarty mean by “the magazines, you know, the military style with 30 clips”?

We constantly hear magazines misidentified as “clips” but never bullets (excuse me — rounds, or cartridges)!

You can see his ignorant blather at 1:42 in this video:

Fortunately for Kevin McCarty, in its written article CBS Sacramento reverse-transmogrified his remark into the nicer sounding:

But Assemblyman Kevin McCarty says the new laws will help shield the streets of Sacramento, from more gun violence.

“I don’t really think there are any traps, there’s not a ‘gotcha’ thing — the magazines that hold more than 10 rounds are unlawful and we are asking for people to turn them into the authorities”, said Assembly Member Kevin McCarty, who co-authored the ammunition bill.

Source: California Gun Law Changes Have Advocates Up in Arms « CBS Sacramento

Pretty shocking rewrite of comments, but I guess that is what journalism is these days.  If only Californians knew how truly ignorant these pols are of guns…but that would require real journalism.

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