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Fire at will:

  • Diamond Reynolds live-streamed the aftermath of her boyfriend’s shooting
  • Philando Castile was shot at 9pm during a traffic stop in Minnesota
  • Reynolds claims that he was reaching for a license and ID
  • And she says he told the cop he had a license to carry a weapon
  • But she claims the ‘Chinese police officer’ shot him four times in the arm
  • The cop – audibly panicked – swears and tells her not to move several times
  • Police have confirmed that he died in hospital
  • Some 200 protesters formed outside Minnesota Governor’s house
  • The cop is from the St. Anthony Police Department in Falcon Heights 
  • Castile’s mother learned of it when her daughter screamed while online
  • She claims she wasn’t allowed to see her son in hospital 

Source: Minneapolis woman livestreams dying boyfriend seconds after he is shot by a cop | Daily Mail Online 

Not sure exactly what happened here, but looks like the cop panicked — perhaps a bad combination of poor training of both cop and armed citizen, but facts are few at this point.

If you are armed and stopped by police:

  1. NEVER say “I’m armed” or “I have a gun” or the equivalent. Police are trained to respond to such comments, autonomically.
  2. Have your permit out before the police approach the car.
  3. Hands “10 and 2” on the wheel.

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