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Twenty-plus years ago I handled eviction cases so I know how emotional these can get. This case is uniquely tragic.

Cop shot father in left arm. Shot penetrated and killed daughter who was standing behind father. Cop at fault? Technically a Rule 4 violation, at least. (“Clear to target and beyond.”) Based on the facts, I’m not sure the cop really had time to assess the environment fully, and she may have been hidden from view. But I’m fairly certain that if the target was properly shot twice, center of mass rather than in the left arm, both daughter and father would still be alive.

Pennsylvania State Constable Clarke Steele was at the Pfautz Apartments on Rebecca Drive in Penn Township with an eviction order for Meyer and his family. Police said Meyer opened the door and shut it. He then reopened the door and exchanged words with the constable before leveling a loaded .223 caliber rifle that had been slung and concealed along his body,  police said.

Source: Girl, 12, killed in eviction confrontation between father, constable

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